Meal replacement diets are synonymous with weight watchers, but they feature in the lives of the elderly as well. They gain from them just as younger users do. That said, living on these shakes alone can produce unwanted effects. A senior can reap their benefits if he bears a few pointers in mind.

When should an elderly person take meal replacement shakes?

Meal replacement shakes will keep grandpa and grandma in good health. That aside, they will benefit from these shakes in other ways.

For a start, diet shakes induce weight loss. An elderly family member who needs to lose weight because of existing heart conditions should take them for this purpose. One study found that participants who took protein shakes lost more weight than those who did not. The researchers involved in this study attributed this to protein, which satisfied their hunger pangs.

These shakes are nutrition powerhouses. They act as full replacements for meals because they contain all the nutrients the body needs. Ideal Shake, with 22 different vitamins and minerals, will take care of your body’s daily nutritional requirements. An elderly person who does not eat well does not have to worry about his nutrition.

Besides, they are convenient. It only takes a few minutes to mix a diet drink. They are simple for a less mobile senior to prepare. They are also perfect for people who are too busy to eat as they only require a quick stir.

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Doctors often prescribe liquid diets to seniors who have illnesses. These conditions may make swallowing food difficult. Meal replacements are easy to digest and satisfy their nutritional needs.

Meal replacements build muscle. Muscle growth becomes harder as a person ages, so a senior’s muscles may need a little prompting. Shakes with more protein than calories help to build lean muscle tissue.

Meal replacements are a big plus for the elderly because they are sustainable. They last for months, which is a relief for less mobile senior. An older person who is physically challenged may want to store them because it is hard to run to the store to get supplies.

An overweight senior may want to track her weight loss progress. Diet drinks make this easy. She can see how much weight she has lost after consuming them for some time. The results will motivate her to complete her weight loss program.

The Unglamorous side of Meal Replacements

While meal replacements may help a senior in many ways, they pose a few problems.

Meal replacements are full of essential vitamins and minerals, but they shortchange users on certain nutrients. Some of them lack beneficial substances like antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients. Such nutrients are an essential part of a senior’s diet. Falling short of them may result in fatigue.

Moreover, weight loss products may affect an elderly person’s digestive health. Many of them do not contain enough soluble or insoluble fiber, essential for maintaining a healthy colon. A senior may get severe diarrhea bouts.

Not all meal replacement shakes taste good. Some may be bland and a quite hard on the tongue. Some seniors, with a wealth of life experiences behind them, may be particular about the food they eat. Meal replacements may not suit their needs.

Further, the elderly have different nutrition requirements. Experts like Geriatrician Dr. Amy Elrich suggest that a frail, elderly person may not benefit from a low-fat diet. They may need to incorporate low-fat peanut butter and eggs into their meals.

Meal replacement shakes may interact with medications. They may conflict with prescribed drugs. The clash may damage vital organs. Always consult a doctor before introducing seniors to them.

Poorly manufactured meal replacements have a host of harmful additions. Some contain Aspartame, a sweetener which replaces sugar. This chemical interferes with the hypothalamus and leads to the development of muscle spasms. Many also include sodium phosphate, which acts as a laxative. Taking too much of it may damage the lower intestine.

Check shakes for Maltodextrine, a syrup made from modified corn. It may damage the digestive, neurological, immune and endocrine systems. Some shakes contain synthetic vitamins, which may cause inflammation. They may bring about digestive problems and autoimmune dysfunction.

Pointers when giving meal replacement shakes to seniors

You should give an older person meal replacements, but do take a few precautions. Your senior can take full advantage of them if you bear these pointers in mind.

Seek a doctor’s opinion about whether diet replacements are suitable for the elderly member of your family. Check their medications and make sure none conflicts with the substances in the shake.

Give your senior shakes that make use of all-natural ingredients, such as Ideal Shape. All its 22 vitamins and minerals, including Slendesta, are natural extracts from plants or real foods.

Remember that an elderly person should never take shakes in place of whole ingredients. Not all shakes contain antioxidants and other important compounds. Read food labels before giving them to your loved one.

So saying, jazz up your shake with fruits and other delicious garnishes. You can combine them with vegetables to make a healthy drink as well. Make all natural smoothies which delight the palate and are easy for a fussy senior to swallow.

Recommended Meal Replacements for Seniors

If you have an elderly family member who has problems eating, these diet replacements will come in useful. Seniors can take them on their own, or complement them with whole foods.

1. Carnation

The Carnation Instant Breakfast Beverage is not just for children. The elderly can benefit from it as well. Protein rich, it revamps lax muscles. It provides a healthy 150 calories and has only five grams of fat. Your senior will enjoy it by itself or with a slice of toast.

2. Ensure

Manufactured by Abbot Laboratories, Ensure provides a balance of proteins and carbohydrates to satisfy an elderly person’s hunger. It his high in protein, and gives them the amino acids they need. A bottle of Ensure has 52 grams of fat and 250 calories. It suits a senior who is reasonably active but has problems eating.

3. Ideal Shake

Ideal Shake, by Ideal Shape, comes in four straightforward, delicious flavors- chocolate, strawberry, mocha and of course, vanilla. It The hunger blocker, Slendesta, will keep your senior feeling full. You can make it more appetizing by adding fruits, and vegetables. It suits an elderly person who has obesity-related issues, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. You wont find Idealshape in stores, however you can easily by it through our site here.

4. Boost Plus

This product, a brainchild of Nestle, also comes in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. It has only 14g of fat and 360 calories. It suits an older person who wants to watch his weight. Boost Plus has a high Vitamin C content, which will protect his immune system.

Your senior will benefit from a shake if you follow these suggestions and recommendations.